COVID 19 Awareness Activity

History and introduction of coronavirus

Topics Covered : What is Corona virus?
From where did it came from?
Virus in humans etc.
Video Credits : Methlesh Koshle

Causes, symptoms and preventions of coronavirus

Topics Covered : Causes of Corona virus?
What are the possible symptoms?
Precautions steps etc.
Video Credits : Methlesh Koshle

Safety measures o be taken

Topics Covered : Measures to be taken?
How this virus enters in body?
What is the status of its vaccine etc.
Video Credits : Rhisabh Poddar and Vikram Meena

Demonstration of safety measures

Topics Covered : Hand washing techniques.
How to use santizers?
How to maintain hygiene?
Video Credits : Shristhi Shachan

Vaccine of coronavirus

Topics Covered : Vaccination of corona virus
How soon its vaccine will be ready?
Production and distribution of vaccine
Video Credits : Siddharth A Singh

Living with coronavirus

Topics Covered : Ways to live with coronavirus
Stay connected with people
Changes in our day to day life
Video Credits : Ayush Ranjan