Who are we?

We represent the IIT Bhilai chapter of NSS. It is the society which shapes a person into a responsible citizen, and these individuals in turn form a progressive society. Hence, we believe that the act of “Giving Back” should take a paramount spot in one’s philosophy. Through various events and projects, we aim to encourage the students to work towards things that matter to the community in and around the IIT Bhilai fraternity.

What Do We Do?

Since 2016 we have come a long way from being a nascent group of enthusiastic students to a dedicated body striving towards community welfare. We have gradually progressed from nebulous ideas to having concrete roadmaps towards effective community service. Some areas in which we currently volunteer inculde healthcare, teaching, social cognizance and environmental awareness. We have also joined hands with several NGOs in and around Raipur and are working actively with them.

Teaching Cell

Our teaching cell believes that educating each and every individual is our road map to building a prosperous and better tomorrow. Since we are the nation’s torchbearers, it is up to us to raise awareness about the importance of education. We frequently organize visits to local schools and colleges to teach, inspire and shape the young minds of our country.

Blood Donation

We at NSS IIT Bhilai aim at creating a healthy society. Blood donation camps are frequently organized inside IIT Bhilai campus to help each individual to be a part of something greater than themselves by helping someone in need and giving them the satisfaction of touching another life.

Swachh Bharat

Working collectively as well raising awareness about marching towards a cleaner and better India is one of the foundation stones of NSS IIT Bhilai. We actively organize cleanliness drives, raise social awareness through nukkad nataks (street plays) and organize student debates to discuss and educate each and every individual to come forward and play their part.


We believe in creating a long-lasting impact on society by the act of giving to the ones in need and put a smile on their faces. We frequently organize collection drives and charitable events ( Muskaan ), where anyone can donate unused things such as books, clothes etc. to the people who cannot afford them. We also organize events which aim at giving education to the poorer section of society.

Tree Plantation

We at IIT Bhilai aim to develop a green and healthy environment for both in and out of our college campus. We encourage students to plant trees, and also to look after them until they are well-groomed. We frequently organize plantation drives and conduct events to raise social awareness about the benefits of a greener society.

Self Defense

Knowing that you can take care of yourself both mentally and physically, helps in maintaining good health and a vibrant life. We at NSS IIT Bhilai encourage students to live a healthy and active life. We organize Self-Defense training camps, where students are taught to defend themselves physically. We also organize workshops to raise awareness about the mental health and how to protect against depression and anxiety.


NSS IIT Bhilai is open for collaborations with all agencies, individuals and organizations. Every year, we undertake volunteer service with The Akshaya Patra Foundation. We also have a collaboration with the NGO Goonj.

We conduct cleanliness drives aligning ourselves with the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. Safety camps are held in partnership with the local fire department. Seminars and wokshops on life-saving skills (CPR, First Aid) are conducted under the guidance of local hospitals. Hence, we strive towards promulgating effective community service through all-encompassing projects and partnership.

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